Y is for Yarn Bell Craft

Simple Yarn Balls

I have a small string of bells hung next to the back door. The girls love to make a wish and ring them in hopes their wish will come true.

I want them to make something special so they can make wishes on their own time (since I only let them ring the string of bells once a day). So, we made did a yarn bell craft.

Here’s how it’s done.


        • Bells (opt for a bigger size)
        • Balloons (get some that have a stretchy neck)
        • glue
        • water
        • yarn
        • starch spray

First stretch out the neck of the balloon and insert the bell.  Do this on more than one balloon if you’re making multiple.

Simple Yarn Balls



Then blow up the balloons to the size you want your finished yarn bell. I tend to keep mine a smaller size.

Simple Yarn Balls

Next, mix some glue with a little bit of water.  You’ll drench a length of yarn in it, so you may have to experiment with the amounts you use.  I used a ratio of approximately 4 tbsp glue to 1 tbsp water.  Adjust for your needs.

Cut your yarn, soak up the glue mixture with it (make sure all of the yarn is drenched) then start wrapping the string around the balloon.  Make sure the gaps are small enough the bell won’t be able to fall between.

Simple Yarn Balls

The hard part is to wait for it to dry.  Depending on how much glue/water you used this could take a few hours or overnight.

Simple Yarn Balls

Once it’s dry, if it doesn’t feel strong enough to hold it’s form, spray it with some liquid starch and let that dry.

Finally, pop the balloon and remove the balloon remains leaving the bell inside the yarn ball. Depending on how big your bell is and how well your balloon pops, you may need to stick some scissors in there and help cut out the bell.

Simple Yarn Balls


What creative crafts have you made with yarn? Tell me in the comments.

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