Why Does Grammar Matter?

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It’s an age-old question.

Why do I have to learn this?

Most recently this question came from my oldest regarding her grammar and spelling lessons.

If I’m teaching anything about history or science she’s all ears. She loves to read and be read to. Writing is also a passion of hers, as long as she can write with her own spelling and sentence structure.

She’s still young, so many of the reasons grammar is important are beyond her current comprehension. In her eyes as long as people know what she’s talking about, shouldn’t that be good enough?

For me, that’s a yes and no answer.

There are so many instances where grammar does matter. It can be anything from making sure instructions are communicated clearly to writing in a professional manner.

Following is a list I share with my kids of reasons why grammar is important.

Why Grammar Matters


Some things employers look for when hiring people is leadership qualities and professionalism. Someone who uses proper grammar is an indicator of both of these qualities. Good leaders are able to concisely and accurately communicate with people. Employees who use proper grammar in written communications will also place their organization in good light.

Employers will watch for the signs of good grammar in resumes, cover letters, interviews, as well as both written and verbal communication through emails, phone, and face to face conversations. Using slang, the wrong word or improper grammar are often good ways to not get the job.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, college, graduate school, trade school, or even going on to become a researcher or teacher, you’ll need to know proper grammar. Writing papers in school at any level is a given. It’s practice for written communication, grammar usage, conveying thoughts, as well as knowledge about your given topic. Studying grammar can also help students learn critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Writing practice, as well as reasoning skills, will translate to future careers. There are many careers where you’ll need to know proper grammar in order to communicate research findings. You’ll also need reasoning skills to understand the data obtained. Sometimes those reports will be given at a company level, sometimes they’ll be published works to share with professional colleagues.

As far as becoming a teacher, you’ll need proper grammar both to model it to students, as well as for grading papers.


Understanding how grammar is used is a great way to understand and analyze literature better. It helps to give the reader a more critical eye about what is being said, and even what is to be read between the lines.

In addition to reading literature, knowledge of proper grammar is also important for writing your own literature. When you want to convey an abstract idea, the clearer you can communicate the thought, the better your reader will understand your intent.


All of this boils down to the importance of clear communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to someone, writing up an email for work, submitting a paper for a class, or sharing your creative ideas. Grammar is important. Grammar matters.


To help with grammar on the computer I highly suggest the Grammarly plug in. This post was proofread by Grammarly. I pride myself on my writing abilities, but even Grammarly found five basic grammar mistakes and twenty-two advanced grammar mistakes.

Even the best writers miss an error or two. Students who are still young in their writing abilities will not be exempt from those errors. Add-on the Grammarly plug in and your student will have another level of education helping them locate errors, fix errors, and educate on the specific grammar rules at play for those errors.

There are even a plagiarism checker and a vocabulary enhancement tool.

This is a program I can’t work without. When my kids are a bit older and start typing up papers, they’ll be using Grammarly too.

Why does grammar matter to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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