What to Expect Moving Forward with Homeschool Antics

Hi Everyone!

The past few months have been an educational roller coaster for homeschoolers and public schoolers alike. We’ve all had our challenges, and our routines disrupted. I personally have both homeschooled kids and a public schooled teen in my home, so we found ourselves navigating some new obstacles as well.

I know Homeschool Antics has been quiet for some time, but we’ve still been around keeping up on our schooling, even if I haven’t talked about it as much. With the discussion I continue to see in many of the homeschooling groups I’m in, there’s a feel that a lot of people will be taking on a homeschooling journey in the next year.

Moving forward, Homeschool Antics is going to become more of a secular homeschool resource site than a blog. I’m going to place my focus on collecting resources for homeschoolers and others seeking educational supplements or curriculum. When looking at the requests and needs of the secular homeschool community, I feel this is the best place for Homeschool Antics at this time.

The process for creating these resources may take me awhile, but I’m going to do my best to share as much as I can in terms of quality information in the most organized way I can. Once I have a decent sized list on a topic, I’ll publish it, knowing that list will grow as more resources are discovered.

Please keep checking back often, and if you are a seasoned homeschool family with some excellent secular educational resources feel free to share them with me. If there’s a specific type of secular content you’re looking for, please ask as well. I want to make this site a useful tool for new and tenured homeschoolers alike.

Thank you for being here! I look forward to creating an easy to navigate secular resource for all of you!

Keep Smiling!


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