Wednesday Website Shout Out: Steve Spangler Science

Wednesday Website Shout Out: Steve Spangler Science

Who’s ready to get their science on!

I use this website all the time to get science ideas for the kids, and it wouldn’t feel right if it I didn’t give Steve Spangler Science a shout out.  Who exactly is Steve Spangler? Well, Steve holds a number of awesome titles, such as teacher, author and toy designer, just to name a few. You may even be familiar with one of his science project books for kids.  However, a lot of people will probably know him as the guy who popularized the Mentos Gyser science project. If you’re not familiar with this science project then I must insist you get on with the fizzy, sticky, awesome fun and try it out yourself!  You can learn more about Steve here because my little mini intro doesn’t do him justice.  

What is it I love about this site? Well, first of all, it’s science! We’ve been teaching our girls about the world around them since they were babies, and while they will always have a ton of great observational opportunities right here in the house, backyard and community, sometimes we want to start introducing more concepts to them and that’s where Steve Spangler Science comes in.

There are so many science experiments, projects and demonstrations to be found on the website in a variety of areas of science including food, plants, animals, energy, magnets, electricity and more. Not only do they tell you how to do the experiment, but they also tell you why it works.

Want to find some science related videos? They have those too!

Do you need some supplies to do you experiments? You can buy science supplies right here on the site!

Our girls have a strong curiosity about the world around them and I’m truly thankful to have Steve Spangler helping us nurture that curiosity. I can’t wait to see what projects we come up with next! I hope you’ll check them out for your science project needs…or just because it’s fun! You never need a reason to play with science!

What is your favorite area of science to teach? What projects have you done to demonstrate it? Tell me in the comments.

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