Wednesday Website Shout Out: Reading Eggs

reading eggs

Here we go with another Wednesday Website Shout Out! Today I’m going to tell you about our experience with Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs is a reading curriculum we’ve been subscribed to for several months now. We decided to try it when Hooked on Phonics was causing the butting of the heads between me and Charlie.  Charlie wanted to learn how to read, but just couldn’t get the idea of sounding out words. She tried, but every time we tried, no matter how positive I was to start out with, we ended with both of us frustrated, and usually she was in tears (this is fairly common with her learning new things. She’s just as emotional as I was as a kid.)

I knew the method we were using wasn’t working so I needed a new approach. I did a little research and found Reading Eggs.  Now, Charlie plays the games and doesn’t even realize she’s learning to read. We go back to the Hooked on Phonics every now and then and she can plow through 3 or 4 lessons at a time! It’s awesome.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a website that might work for you as you teach your child to read try it out for a couple of weeks. They currently offer a two week free trial before charging the annual fee. For us, it was absolutely worth the cost, which really wasn’t that much any way. It was under $10 a month for us when we subscribed.

For the most part Charlie and Lena, both, can get on the computer and start up Reading Eggs on their own. One thing I don’t like about the program is that you have to pay for each child who signs up. We can’t afford to do this, so Charlie is the main account holder and I track her progress. Lena plays the lessons that Charlie has already finished. I’ve noticed reading improvement in both the girls.

Speaking of tracking. Reading Eggs gives the kids freedom to play the games on their own. It’s great for giving them independent learning time! I can log in whenever I want to see her stats and progress. If I feel she needs a bit more work on an area, I just suggest it to her. It works great for us.

The program can be used for kids age 3 to 13, and has additional programs to boost learning such as Reading Eggspress and Math Seeds (which is an additional cost).  I’ve heard from a lot of homeschool families who love Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs even outlines how they benefit homeschool families.

If you’re looking for something new to help teach reading to your kids, try out Reading Eggs free for 2 weeks, then purchase if it’s right for you. That’s exactly what we did and I’m glad we gave it a chance.

How old were you when you learned to read? Tell me in the comments.

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