X is for Xylophone and Other Virtual Musical Instruments

Virtual Musical Instrument Links

I love exposing my kids to music.  All kinds of music. Different genres, different instruments, different beats and different voices.  I love letting them experiment with sound and the ways sound can be made with every day items.

The girls often experiment with is online music.  When I was a kid the Internet didn’t exist in my world so I didn’t have easy access to a lot of instruments other than what my parents could find or the school provided (which wasn’t much). With online instruments they can experiment with sound and continue to build a love for music which I hope translates to a desire to learn to play an instrument.

Virtual Musical Instrument Links

Both girls will spend hours pounding away on our computers, giddy with delight at all of the different sounds they make. I’m more than happy to oblige.  What’s even better is when they get the random key mashing out of their system and they really try to do different things and they pay attention to the results of the different things they are trying.

Virtual Musical Instrument Links
Screenshot from

When the girls get a little older, a program like the one above would be great to help them with their typing skills. The letters at the top of the screen that start T&T&T is the beginning of Fur Elise.

Here are some of the great virtual instruments we’ve found and enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too!

Do you play a musical instrument? Which one?

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  • Samuel T. Cummins

    Thanks for sharing valuable resources Mary ., This is so perfect for our situation. We have a nice little piano that my wife only plays occasionally and my wife doesn’t have time to teach our little girl . I think this would be great solution to begin..

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