V is for Vacation Bucket List

If I wrote a complete list of places to visit for homeschooling, this list would never end! Instead, I decided I’d pull five of my homeschooling vacation bucket list locations randomly out of a hat and tell you a bit about them.  Here are just a few of the places we’d like to visit during our homeschooling journey.

Madagascar: Ok, so this picture is from the Henry Doorly Zoo, but still, wouldn’t it be awesome to see ring tailed lemurs in their natural habitat? This is one of the most out there places I would like to take the girls to learn about all of the amazing species, as well as conservation. There is so much that is unique to Madagascar I couldn’t leave it off my list.


Stone Henge: You already know I’m a rock hound and I’m also intrigued by spiritual history.  Not only would there be so many amazing things to show the kids while we’re there, but we can also talk about history, spirituality, astronomy, engineering and geology. This would be a great addition to our homeschool vacations. While I know it’s not the same thing, sometime we’re going to head out to Alliance, NE to see car henge. Not the same thing, but it is a great way to show the kids creativity at work.

stone henge

Easter Island: I know, I already have one grouping of huge rocks in my bucket list, but why not another! The mystery of Easter Island has a place in my heart and I love all of the history contained in the walking heads.  That’s right, those giant sculptures “walked” to their final resting place, and letting the girls curiosity take hold, they can learn about the different theories about how and why Easter Island exists the way it does.

Ocean: At this point it doesn’t matter which one, or how we visit. Beach vacation, cruise, whatever, I’m cool with it as long as I get a chance to take the kids there.  I’ve visited both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and I want my girls to have that same experience.  The oceans are huge and there is much room for research. I want to ignite their imagination about the ocean and the life it contains. I figure we can learn some scuba diving and snorkeling if the kids are a little older when we go. This might be even more incentive for them to keep working hard on their swim lessons!


Mount Rushmore: Yeah, I know, more rocks. I’m actually hoping we can cross this one off the list in the next year. We’re not too far away and the Crazy Horse sculpture is in the same area. Twice a year they stop blasting on Crazy Horse to allow people to walk on the arm, and that’s what we’re shooting for. I love that both of these amazing sculptures will fit in perfect with this years American History lessons.

mount rushmore

What locations are on your vacation bucket list? 

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  • Julie Jordan Scott

    Katherine went to Italy without me, one of my bucket list places… she has also been to London three times and lived in Edinburgh in Scotland for a semester… lucky kid. One day!

    Love your list. I wish I had been more proactive with travel, though we have seen some pretty cool things & have a quirky family tradition of taking photos in a rest stop in each state we visit. It is amazing how different they can be!
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