Tree Writing Prompts

Trees are all around us. They provide shelter, food, the air we breathe, and beauty.

We’re lucky enough to live an hour away from Nebraska City, which is the home of Arbor Day. We like to spend time every year visiting Tree Adventure for a walk among the trees, identifying trees, and even picking apples at the orchards.

Fontenelle forest is also not too far from us as well as a local arboretum. Appreciation of trees is something we take seriously around here because trees are extremely important to our lives on so many levels.

This month we’re going to write about trees to further explore our knowledge and imaginations, as well as celebrate all that is wonderful about trees.

Writing Prompts About Trees

  1. Imagine that you climbed the tallest tree you’ve ever seen. The higher you climb the more you notice a fantastic world that you could only imagine. What do you see in this amazing world?
  2. Pretend you are the size of an insect and you take a ride on a leaf. Where will you go? Will you travel on the wind or ride down a stream? What kind of leaf is it?
  3. What is your favorite kind of tree? Describe it in detail.
  4. Trees are being cut down faster than they are planted. Come up with ideas on how we can preserve our tree populations.
  5. If a tree could talk what kind of story would it tell you?
  6. Write a story about tapping maple trees for syrup.
  7. Imagine you could build the ultimate tree house. Describe it.
  8. What is your favorite activity to do outside among the trees?
  9. What do you think it means to “hug a tree”?
  10. Where would you plant trees if you could plant as many as you wanted? What kind of trees would you plant?
  11. What is your favorite kind of fruit that comes from trees? What do you like about it?
  12. Who lives in your backyard trees? Describe their daily life.
  13. Write a story about a tree surviving a strong wind storm.
  14. If a tree had emotions how would it feel about being cut down?
  15. Trees provide shade on hot days. Write a story about someone using the shade of a tree to do creative things.
  16. What if a tree could produce multiple types of fruit, all on the same tree. What would it look like? Describe it.
  17. You discover a new type of tree! What does the bark look like? The leaves? Does it have fruit or flowers?
  18. Write about trees as they go through the seasons.
  19. A tree is a secret hideout for someone. Who is it, why do they have a secret hideout, and how does the tree hide them?
  20. A wise owl lives in a tree. Write a story about an insect traveling from the bottom of the tree to the owl to get some advice. What dangers or obstacles will the insect face?
  21. Trees wave in the wind. Who are they waving to and why?
  22. Think of the leaves falling from trees. What is their story?
  23. What if the bark of a tree actually barked like a dog? What would the world be like if this happened?
  24. Trees have many branches. Write a story about a tree that only has one branch.
  25. What could you build with twigs? Write up a plan for a creation of found twigs.
  26. Someone tells you that you are as strong as an oak tree. What does this mean to you?
  27. Why is the weeping willow weeping?
  28. What would the world be like if there were no trees?
  29. How would you react if a tree in your backyard picked up its roots and started walking around?
  30. If you had a magic wand made out of any tree, what kind would you pick and why?

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