Summer Reading Programs

It’s summer reading season!

One of our families favorite times of year. I’ve been helping out the library with summer reading since I was a kid. My mom is a librarian, so I pretty much grew up among the shelves of books. This love of reading has spread to my kids.

Me reading to my kids is their preference. I’m okay with that. When I read out loud they get to hear the proper grammar used in sentences (depending on the book, of course), as well as the inflection and pace. My years doing humorous prose in high school has led me to be quite animated as I read. It’s no wonder the kids love it.

Getting them to read is a bit more difficult. They both like to read, they both can read, however their skills do need improvement, both in reading the words and in reading comprehension. Summer reading helps us with both of these things because it’s a community challenge. They feel involved and they are excited to earn prizes.

Summer reading is a habit I believe everyone should have, no matter their age.

Summer Reading Programs

Public Library Summer Reading Program: Every library does their program a bit differently, so make sure you talk to your library to find out the dates, how to sign up, requirements, prizes, and any community gatherings.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program: Kids read 8 books, fill out the journal you print off on the Barnes & Noble site, take it into your local Barnes & Noble and pick out your free book from their list! Free books are while supplies last, so if you have a book you really want from the list, it’s best to finish ASAP.

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program: Download the reading log for the kids, they read and log 300 minutes, then take their reading log into Half Price Books to claim your Bookworm Bucks. We haven’t participated in this program, but it sounds worth it. Half Price Books has been a wonderful place to find some books for our homeschool shelves, can’t wait to add some more.

Scholastic Books Summer Reading Program: Kids sign up, log minutes, earn rewards! This is another program we haven’t participated in this program yet, so I’m not quite sure what the rewards are, but we’re eager to find out.

Sylvan Book Adventure: Here’s one more program we haven’t tried yet. For Sylvan you search for books on the site, read them offline, come back to take a quiz about the book, then earn rewards! Once again, the surprise of what prizes we’ll earn are going to draw us in.

Don’t forget Pizza Hut Book It during the public school year if your area participates in it. They offer enrollment for homeschool families, so your child doesn’t need to be enrolled in public school to participate.

Are there any additional summer reading programs you’re aware of? Please share in the comments and I’ll update the post (giving you credit, of course). 

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