S is for 7 Starter Spelling Word Lists

Seven Starter Spelling Word Lists   I finally decided it’s time to get started with spelling words. Charlie starts first grade soon, and shortly after that we’ll be starting Lena on Kindergarten (although I really don’t like labeling their grade level since we teach a variety of levels depending on where the kids are with different subjects.)

We need more reading practice and more writing practice, and that’s mostly what I want the girls to get out of the spelling words. My goal is to have them practice writing the list daily to increase familiarity with reading, writing, word association, and just language arts practice in general.

Seven starter lists sounded like a good place to start to get the girls in the grove with this new addition to our routine. I also started with some fairly easy word combinations, and included a couple of slightly harder challenge words.

If you’re looking into starting out with spelling or increased reading and writing practice you might consider checking out these lists to test out the process and see if it works for your classroom. Here are the lists. You can click on each individual spelling list to print off the pdf, or you can get all seven lists in pdf form here.

Spelling List -ad words   Spelling list -an words   Spelling list -at words   Spelling List -et words   Spelling words -ill words   Spelling Words -it words   Spelling List -op words

Do you help your kids with spelling words? What do you do to make it fun?

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  • Cristina

    Alex is a great speller. I didn’t have to do much with him at all. Gabriel just started reading and is sounding out words. He has a little lisp and confuses d and b words. I say that b has the belly in the front and d is for the “doody” in the back. What else could I come up with?
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    • Mary

      Spelling was horrible for me growing up. I’m much better at reading than spelling something right. Luckily, I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, and finding the right word online has helped me greatly. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dawn Embers

    Nice one. I love your background for this blog, by the way. As for spelling, I don’t have kids yet. However, I once worked as a reading tutor at an elementary school and once had to fill in for my boss with some of her students. We had to work on words ending in -ad and -at. Course, being the substitute meant they tried to do anything but that, and focused on words ending in -ag, which led to an awkward “how do I, the non-teacher, explain that word to this small group of kids” type of moment. Ah fun times.

    A to Z commenter
    Reading at Dawn blog
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    • Mary

      Aren’t kids the best, lol. They’ll push boundaries til the end of time, but at least the wanted to learn something! I’ll take something over nothing 😉

  • Holly

    My daughter who is in kindergarten LOVES spelling. She wants to spell mostly when we are riding in the car and she is bored. She will ask me, “Mommy, tell me words to spell.”
    I am visiting from the A to Z challenge and am so happy to have found your blog! We will be homeschooling next year and I look forward to reading more!
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    • Mary

      I can’t wait to hear more from you on your homeschooling journey! We just started as well, so these lists are sort of a trial to see if this is a method we like. If they are, I’ll make more. If not, we’ll try something new. One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we can ditch what doesn’t work and try new things to teach concepts and application. I do much better when I’m not forced to teach something one way or another.

  • Jen

    I don’t think Nathan has started spelling yet. I will remember these lists when he does. I hope he takes after me in the spelling department. I’m pretty good. His dad is a different story.

    • Mary

      My kids have a 50/50 shot if it’s genetics, lol. I’m pretty decent now, for the most part. My husband…not so much. I can say that because he’ll admit to it!

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I love these lists! My kids… well, the two younger ones… literally taught themselves to read and to spell. Samuel is a sight reader and speller. Doesn’t mean he knows what it all means but he does know how to spell! Strange to say it, but phonics actually was problematic for my kids. English is such an odd language. Katherine, my smarty pants headed to Princeton next Fall, was never much of a speller. Still isn’t! She has to work really hard at it.

    I love how pretty your lists are… 🙂 Such a girl!
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    • Mary

      Hahaha, I love designing forms and title pages. Some people think I put too much energy into it, but hey, if I love it, why does it matter 😉

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