Simple Straw and Flower Necklace Instructions

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This is a fun project we did a few weeks ago. The girls love creating new things, so I thought I’d pull out some supplies we have an abundance of. Construction paper, straws and yarn. These easy to make straw and flower necklaces are perfect to make for any occasion and can even be a great addition to a Hawaii themed party or unit study, or even just for dress up.  Who wouldn’t want to don one of these floral beauties for a tea party?

These are extremely simple to make. Here’s how it’s done.

Gather your supplies.  Pretty much construction paper, straws and yarn. You may also need shape punchers, hole punchers, scissors, etc. Whatever you need to make your shapes.

flower necklace supplies

I used a floral shape puncher.

cut out paper flowers

Then I used a hole puncher to pop out the centers of the flowers. You can save both the strips of paper that have the flower holes, as well as the little circle dots from the hole punch for future craft projects. They really do come in handy.

hole punchhole punchhole punch

Cut your straws into approximately one inch pieces. Next cut a string of yarn to the desired length you’d like to make your necklace. Finally start stringing those flowers and straws! When you have it the desired length, tie off the ends and stick them inside the neighboring straws to hide them.


If you do everything right, you’ll have a satisfied kid who adores her new necklace, just like this one here!

Charlie wearing necklace

 What is your favorite material used to make craft necklaces? Tell me in the comments.


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