Rainforest Writing Prompts

Rainforests always have a lot to offer. Diversity, science, beauty, and creative inspiration! This month we’re going to work our way through the rainforest to see what kind of amazing writing we can discover using it as our muse.

Don’t forget to pick up some books, review some rainforests around the world, and learn more about the benefits of the rainforest. Pay close attention to the things that are putting our rainforests in danger, and maybe even discuss what you can do to help.

Rainforest Writing Prompts

  1. While exploring the rainforest you discover a new insect! What does it look like? How does it live it’s life? What will you name it? Do you think it will have any medical benefit to the world.
  2. Many people in the world eat insects for meals. Some say insects are the sustainable protein of the future for other cultures. Would you eat insects for a meal? What kind of recipes would you put them in? Would you sprinkle them over ice cream?
  3. If you were lost in a rainforest how would you stay safe? Where would you sleep? How would you find home again?
  4. Someone from a tribe in the rainforest approaches you. They don’t speak your language, but you figure out they are asking for help. Would you go with them to help? Why or why not?
  5. Write a letter (you don’t have to send it, but you can if you want!) to local politicians telling them why rainforests are important and what you want to see them do to protect the rainforests of the world.
  6. What is your favorite food that comes from a rainforest? It’s okay if you need to research to find the answer.
  7. Tell a story about boating on the Amazon River. What kind of plants and animals would you see? Are there any dangers? Who is with you?
  8. Palm oil is destroying rainforests and therefore the habitats of many rainforest animals. The forests are being torn down to make room for the oil palm tree. If you could plant the palm oil trees in another spot, where would you plant them and why?
  9. Describe your daily life as a gorilla in the rainforest.
  10. Think of all the colors in a rainbow. How would all of these colors show themselves in the rainforest. What colors would you see the most, which the least?
  11. It rains a lot in the rainforest. Would you like to live there or not?
  12. What would a spider monkey school be like? Would they teach advanced tree swinging techniques? How to avoid predators? How to find food?
  13. Would you join a band with a group of tree frogs? What kind of music would you make?
  14. If you could interview a rainforest guide, what would you ask?
  15. what do you think is the most important thing about the rainforest?
  16. If you could visit any rainforest, which one would you visit? Why?
  17. What is the most misunderstood animal in the rainforest? Why?
  18. While visiting the rainforest you meet an old tree that can talk. What stories would it tell?
  19. List as many rainforest animals as you can in alphabetical order.
  20. What do you think the smells in a rainforest would be? Tastes? Sights? Sounds? Feels like?
  21. Between the canopy, the understory, and the forest floor, how do you think someone’s life would be different depending on which layer they are living in?
  22. A tree sloth decides he doesn’t want to be slow anymore. Write his story.
  23. If you were a butterfly in the rainforest, how would you protect yourself from predators?
  24. What is your favorite rainforest animal? Why?
  25. Imagine you are a field mouse who suddenly finds yourself in the middle of a rainforest. What would the experience be like? Curious? Exciting? Frightening?
  26. If you could bring back one extinct species from the rainforest, what would you bring back and why?
  27. In The Jungle Book, Mowgli was raised in the rainforest by animals. Write your own story about a child who grows up in the rainforest.
  28. If you could be any animal in the rainforest, which animal would you be? Why?
  29. Write a poem about the rainforest.
  30. What would life be like if rainforests covered the entire world? Would the weather be different? How would animals be different? How would your life be different?
  31. What would you give a parrot as a birthday present? Why?


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