Pirate Themed Studies (Omaha Area Fall 2014 Co-op details)

pirate themed coop title

What can I say. I’m jumping into the homeschool co-op feet first.

While I’m pretty well content keeping to myself doing my own thing, plugging away. The kids have other ideas, and I don’t blame them. They want to hang out with other kids, play with other kids and just have fun with other kids.

I tried out one local group earlier this year. They were a great group of people but their teaching styles didn’t match up with mine so I knew it wasn’t the right place for us. A few weeks later I tried out the Nebraska Secular Home Educators (NESHE) for size. I loved it, I fit right in, the kids immediately started playing with the other kids and making friends, it was great. I knew we found a group that just might work for us.

I liked them so much, I joined in the planning committee for the Fall co-op!

Talk about a huge leap! I’m running blind in here, but I have complete faith in this group. They’ve made me feel welcome from day one, they opened their arms to me and offered for me to sit with them to help plan out the Co-op, and they let me run wild with my ideas.

Yep, you may want to warn them on that one, but they’re putting their trust in me to help out and I won’t let them down! You know I’m trustworthy. I know I’m reliable. But actions speak louder than words so it’s time to show them they can count on me to pull my weight.

First order of business is for those of you in the Omaha area reading this (if you don’t live around here, stick with me a bit. Scroll down a bit if you need to, I have some stuff that will relate to everyone just a bit further down in this post.)

Join NESHE. Contact for more information.

If you are in the Omaha area and would like to join NESHE please shoot them an email: or head over to the Facebook page to see what’s going on!

We’d love to have you in our co-op or meet up with you at potlucks or field trips. I hope you’ll stop by to learn more.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! The group is always ready and willing to help you find the information you’re looking for.

As for the Co-op, this Fall it’s a Pirate theme! You can get more details by the email listed above or on the Facebook page, however the dates are roughly from the beginning of September to the beginning of November. It’s coming up soon! Don’t delay!

pirate unit study ideas

Now for the Pirate themed stuff for everyone.

If you’re looking to join in our Co-op we’d love to hear some ideas you have for classes, or, if you’re not in the area and you have an amazing pirate themed idea to incorporate into education, please let me know in the comments!

For those of you who came here looking for some ideas, here are some things we’ve thought about already, as well as a few fun links to use while you are teaching a pirate themed unit.

            • Astrology and Navigation
            • Book clubs reading pirate themed books
            • Watch Pirates of the Caribbean (who says we can’t have a little fun)
            • Learn how ships work, tying knots, sails, structure
            • Anatomy and Physiology, from the need for peg legs, hooks and disease risk from living a pirate life. There’s a lot to cover here.
            • Drama, find a pirate themed play to put on, or rewrite your favorite play in a pirate style.
            • Creative writing with a pirate theme.
            • There are plenty of arts and craft ideas for the younger kids related to pirates, from hats to eye patches, toilet paper figures and paintings. Let the kids be creative!
            • For the older kids, teach them about drawing or painting textures including variations on skin that’s been weathered, tattered cloth, shiny hooks, parrot feathers, wooden legs and more!
            • History of pirates. What were they really like, do pirates still exist?
            • What kind of weapons did pirates use? Learn a little bit of history on their warfare.
            • Go Geocaching. Do a little bit of modern day treasure hunting, then come back and see if you can do the same thing with a compass and map. What about with a map that states directions such as walk 5 paces north. ¬†Which method is easiest? Why?
            • Want a springboard of ideas to learn about related to pirates? Check out The Pirates Realm.
            • Take a break from the lessons and have some fun playing Puzzle Pirates.
            • Don’t forget, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

What other fun ideas do you have for learning about pirates? Tell me in the comments.

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