New Year, New Focus on Homeschooling

new-year-new-focusI can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote on this blog! Wow, nothing since June 2015, and before that one post it was an entire year gap. Pretty much two and a half years since I last touched this blog. I think it’s time for some TLC and some new focus.

Over the past couple of years, while I was taking a break from this blog, I was working quite a bit on my other blog, Living a Sunshine Life. I was also putting a lot of focus into streamlining what our homeschool looks like. During this time I learned a lot about blogging and everything that has to go along with it. Well, a lot more than I knew before (and I still have a lot to learn). There was also a lot of education on educating my kids, as well as a bunch of other kids since I’m now the art teacher for our homeschool co op.

All of it has been one huge learning experience and I loved every minute of it, even if I complained a bit. Maybe. Sort of. To my husband at least.

Venting aside, we got through it and it has all made me a better blogger, homeschool teacher and parent.

What’s to Come?

Now that we have a better handle on what works for our homeschooling and we’ve settled into a variety of programs that get us more involved in the community and enhance education my plan is to start sharing more of our homeschool experiences.

The girls participate in Girl Scouts, 4H and homeschool co op. We also belong to a nature club, as well as a variety of memberships to local attractions. We have some educational subscription boxes and of course a wide variety of educational apps. I wish I could say that our homeschool style was easy to explain, but it’s not.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure every homeschool family has their own educational style, even those who adhere to a specific style, there are still some differences. My goal is to give you a better idea of our homeschooling style, share educational tips and activities, and inspire you on your own homeschool journey.

For all of you who waited around for me to get back to the blog, thank you so much! You’re greatly appreciated. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome!

Let’s have fun and share our educational tips with each other!


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