2014 Nebraska Science Festival with Jeff Corwin!

Guess who’s going to see Jeff Corwin live, headlining for the Nebraska Science Festival (NEScifest)?

NEScifest Jeff Corwin tickets

That’s right.  We are!!

Four tickets, one for each of us, the whole family is excited.  Now we just have to wait until April.  We spent a little bit of time in a little bit of a line waiting to snag these tickets for free.  It was well worth the wait!

In preparation for seeing Jeff Corwin live, we’ve been watching episodes of The Jeff Corwin Experience on Netflix. At first the girls weren’t too interested in it (sorry Jeff) but the more we watch it the more they giggle and show wonder at the different animals and environment Jeff Corwin explores. It’s to the point now that the girls ask to watch Jeff Corwin and they’re excited when they ask. That makes me happy.


Jeff Corwin isn’t the only thing going on in April for the NEScifest!

You can attend the 2014 Nebraska Science Festival from April 24th through April 27th at various locations around Nebraska. The schedule of events for NEScifest has something for just about everyone.  There are a few presentations that are geared more for adults, which my husband and I might attend, but there are even more activities and presentations for the kids!

Notable events and locations that are peaking our interest for the festival are:

  • The Science Expo at the Durham Museum and Strategic Air & Space Museum
  • City Sprouts Community Garden
  • eCreamery & Gelato
  • Fred G. Dale Planetarium
  • Fontenelle Forest
  • Lauritzen Gardens
  • Omaha Children’s Museum

Keep in mind our girls are 4 and 5 so those are the events and locations that apply to us.  There are so many more things to tour and learn about in many different fields, so check out the schedule on to see what I didn’t list.

Keep an eye open on the NEScifest website for ticket release dates, times, schedules, volunteer opportunities, sponsorship and donation instructions, and more.

As for Jeff Corwin, if you happen to read this, my girls would really like you to bring the Wild Kratts with you. Not that they don’t love you, but, well, the Kratt Brothers have creature suits that are pretty dang fantastic and they have a lot of questions about the technology that goes into them.

Which event at the Nebraska Science Festival are you most excited about?


  • Julie Jordan Scott

    ohmigawsh. This looks like such a blast. I have never been to Nebraska and somehow picture it as a quiet place where nothing much happens (a lot like Bakersfield!) but then I see stuff like this and I get excited and hopeful. I bet the Gardens will be awesome after a long, cold winter, too. I’m going to Pin this to my family travel board. Woot Woot!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted…How to Celebrate Women’s History Month Simply by Honoring the Women You LoveMy Profile

    • Mary

      Hahaha…I was originally from central Nebraska. It’s all small towns and farmland there. In that part of the state, not a lot happens and when something big does happen, everyone knows about it! Now I’m from the eastern side of the state (our 2 big cities, Omaha and Lincoln…woot!) and actually quite a bit goes on here. If you ever make it this direction I can take you to some amazing museums, One of the top ranked zoos in the world, some great shopping and more. It’s actually quite busy around here 😉

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