Nebraska Renaissance Faire 2014

NE Ren Faire 2014 Title

This year, the Nebraska Renaissance Faire was the girl’s first taste of going back in time to meet the queen, attend a jousting match and snack on a deliciously smoked turkey leg. They had a blast!

The girls are still young, so we didn’t want to throw too much education at them for the Faire, however they have already started asking if they can dress up for it next year. They also had a ton of questions about why things were done the way they were. I can see a lot of educational opportunities coming up in the future!

We didn’t get to see or do everything we wanted, but we all had fun and got plenty of sun. Next year we’ll either try to get there earlier or maybe even plan for the next year.  My nephew works Renaissance Faires, so we may even ask him how we can get started and let the kiddos learn their history and become characters in up coming years.

Here I am getting ahead of myself, I suppose I’ll tell you a bit about what we did this year.

As always, my highlight is attending the joust. We cheered on Lord Daniel as he took on Lord Joseph. Unfortunately we had to explain to the girls why we were cheering for the knight who proudly proclaimed his love of cheating, and this gave us a great opportunity to discuss the values a knight should possess.

lord daniel


Charlie and Lena were excited to see the horses and even more thrilled that the Lords spoke to them when Charlie asked who they should cheer for as they were riding by. Lord Daniels announced, for me of course, you’re standing on my side. Lord Joseph immediately and proudly told the girls no, cheer for me! The girls giggled in response.

As the jousting match progressed there were a lot of questions about the equipment and rules of the match. I’m not a jousting expert and my husband only knows a bit more about it than I do, so we’ll defer to some better educational material on the topic courtesy of The Scientia Review.


After the joust we had to make our way to the Children’s Stage because Queen Elisabeth was princessing, knighting and heralding new members into her court. The girls were thrilled to be princessed by the queen and they had to vow to honor and obey their parents, eat their vegetables and most importantly be the best they can always be.  Charlie was able to demonstrate the perfect curtsy to the crowd while some of the male players demonstrated how to properly bow.

The Queen addressed the crowd and explained the sword she used to knight, princess and herald the kids. She said it is a sword only used for this one purpose and it always remains sheathed.

Charlie princessing

Lena princessing

Following the ceremony there was a bit of drama as the Prince of France asked the Queen for her hand in marriage as the Queen had asked if there was any other business she needed to take care of at the ceremony.  After that was resolved, the Queen’s cousin was called out for wearing a bigger ruff than the Queen.  The Queen explained that while she does own bigger, more elaborate ruffs, the weather was hot and she dressed practically for the weather. She then ordered her cousin to remove her ruff because it was disrespectful to wear one bigger than the Queen’s.

We did manage to find the Queen so she could get a picture with her two newest princesses.

girls with the queen

There were many sights at the Faire, including many motivational signs found scattered through the Faire.  This one was one of my favorites.

believe in yourself


We learned some other random things as we wandered the Faire, such as dill pickles are awesome to eat in the heat.  If you like them, that is.  Lena and I were overjoyed to munch on some pickles, while Nick and Charlie had to go without because they aren’t fans of the delicious pickle goodness.  We also met some wonderful ladies doing some pottery and Charlie got to ask them some questions about their craft.

All in all it was a great day. We learned a little, met some fun people and got a pretty good workout being on our feet for several hours.

Can’t wait for next year!

Have you ever attended a Renaissance Faire? What is your favorite part? Tell me in the comments.

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