How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tuesday was a monumental day in my five year old’s life. This was a big deal for her, and we celebrated with her with equal enthusiasm.

Charlie lost her first tooth.

We’ve been talking about if for awhile now and she’s been wiggling that tooth like crazy. While out running errands on Tuesday, she announced with great pride that her tooth had finally fallen out. Our postmaster had to be informed, she had to call Daddy at work, both grandmas, and even her Aunt Tammy were notified. The world had to know she was a big girl who lost her tooth.

She was all smiles.

I asked her what she thought we should do with her tooth now that she lost it, and of course she said she was going to leave it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Charlie sleeps on the top bunk. This could pose a problem with finding such a small tooth, up so high.

I decided I would whip up a quick hand stitched tooth fairy pillow for her!  She loved the idea.

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

We went to the scrap fabric pile and looked through the colors. Some fabric had too much of a thread count, some was the wrong color or print, but eventually Charlie picked out some pink and green cotton fabric and some blue thread to go with it.


Now I could get to work.  The whole thing too me less than 2 hours.  I had a couple of phone calls and some other small things in the middle, so it may have even only taken an hour.

It’s a little hard to see up there, but I freehanded a picture of a tooth with a smiley face on the pink fabric with a fabric pencil.  I then stitched a dotted line tracing what I drew.  This will be the pocket, so I also folded under the top seam and stitched it down.

It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Next I put all of the fabric pieces together with the pink tooth in the middle.  I pinned the edges and stitched to create the pillow, leaving about an inch on the final side open so I could turn it right side out and  stuff it.

Don’t forget to take something like a chopstick or pencil to the inside corners to help push them out further to give them a more pointed look.

The final steps were to stuff, and over cast stitch to close up the pillow.

And, it’s done!

The pillow looked great. Charlie loved it, and it was super easy for the tooth fairy to find it under her pillow that night.

The Tooth Fairy left her four quarters as a celebration of her first tooth. But I don’t think the Tooth Fairy is that generous for all the teeth, I guess we’ll have to wait for the next one to find out!

Do your kids believe (or did they) in the Tooth Fairy?

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