Let’s Fly a Kite!

Kite flying

Ok, right now it’s high winds and incoming storms, so at the moment maybe you don’t want to fly a kite with us. Yesterday was a different story.

We had an exceptional Father’s Day, spent partially at the lake. The girls noticed another family flying kites and thought it might be fun. Neither my husband or I had flown kites in years, so we decided it might make for a good adventure.

When we got to the lake there was tall grass in the spot we wanted to fly kites and we figured that wouldn’t be the idea location to launch a kite. We looked around and not far from our original location idea we spotted a nice, grass freshly cut kite flying paradise. The only draw back was the big mud puddle in the middle and the giant power lines upwind.  Those minor issues aside, it was the perfect spot for the girls to fly their first kite and for the adults to polish up our skills.

Nick took some time to put the kites together. Luckily they were mostly assembled so it didn’t take long. When we picked up the kites it was like they knew where they were supposed to be. We were able to get them in the air immediately.

Kite flying was easier than we remembered.

Every now and then the wind died down, but it was blowing at a perfect rate for the majority of the time.  The temperature was ideal and did you see those clouds up there? Here, let me show you that picture just a little bigger so you too can enjoy the perfect kite flying sky.

Lena flying kites


The girls quickly learned some kite flying fundamentals such as to run pulling the kite rather than pushing it. Pushing it resulted in a few crash landings due to the slack in the line.  They also learned how to help guide the kite in the wind by gently pulling on the string. Both of these ideas need a little work, but for their first time they did great.

Kite flying was a huge success. Even my husband and I had a chance to fly the kites as the girls took a break to run around and grab a quick drink of water. I forgot how much fun and how relaxing it can be.

We decided to add kite flying to our lesson plans so we can learn more about how a kite works, as well as the potential for going to a kite flying show at the local RC air field, and maybe even buying a bigger kite, or a trick kite.  Yeah, a trick kite would be awesome!

Have you ever flown a kite? Tell me about your experience in the comments.


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