K is for Kindergarten in Review

Kindergarten Review

The end of the Kindergarten year is fast approaching for Charlie and I can’t believe everything we’ve covered this year! Here’s a quick run down of just some of the many topics we’ve covered this year.

  • Many animals have been studied, including farm animals, forest animals, backyard animals and zoo animals.  We’ve traveled to the zoo many times, visited a local farm, gone out deer spotting at a local park and watched the animals in our backyard.
  • The water cycle. The kids are pros at knowing about evaporation, condensation, and rain. We also went over the water purification system.
  • We did a few experiments with ice, including the ice cube challenge below.

Ice Cube Challenge

  • We learned about the weather, seasons and calendar.
  • We learned about different methods of air travel, including airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons and blimps. We had the opportunity to observe both blimps and hot air balloons going over our house, and we even visited an air base and airport to learn more about airplanes and helicopters.

Hot Air Balloons

  • Speaking of air travel, we also learned about the planets, stars, moon and astronauts. We still need to visit the Strategic Air & Space Museum, but our year isn’t quite over, so now that it’s warming up it’s going to be a bit easier to get there.
  • I’m a rock hound so of course we learned about geology. We studied some metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. The fossil study below was one of our favorites!

Fossils to study for homeschool

  • Dinosaurs! The kids are in love with them and we learned a ton about them, including how much we still don’t know about them.
  • We go on a lot of nature walks. So there was a lot of discussion and observation about animals, weather, seasons, nature crafting and of course geocaching.

Educational Benefits of Geocaching

  • Food groups have been a huge focus for our schooling this year. The girls are routinely quizzed on what is healthy and what isn’t as well as what healthy means to them. We’ve talked about healthy snack choices, such as the dehydrated bananas we made (this was also a science lesson on hydration).

Dehydrating Bananas

  • We learned about dental health, visited the dentist and even asked a few questions.
  • Colds and allergies were studied. Especially after we learned Lena has an allergy to Red dye #40.  This lead to some education on hives and what medicine does to help our bodies.
  • There are a variety of skills we’ve spent time covering over the past year that will help the kids with school as they get older. Obviously basics such as how to hold a pencil correctly, how to use scissors, gluing and taping things.  We’ve also covered basics like penmanship and writing with different media, such as pencils, pens, crayons, chalk, paint and more.

Cutting practice

  • Reading lessons have included learning to read using Hooked on Phonics, Reading Eggs and practice, practice, practice!  We’ve added reading comprehension to our lessons by asking questions about the books we read together. An introduction to the parts of a book has also been covered, such as author, illustrator, title, plot and characters.

Chapter Book list

  • Both girls can count to 100, they can skip count by 2 and are learning to do so by 5 and 10. They are also starting to learn addition and subtraction.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time studying shapes and colors, drawing them, pictures you can make with them and more.
  • Both girls know what primary and secondary colors are. They can tell you with ease how to mix colors.

That’s just a taste of what Kindergarten included for us. What did you teach for Kindergarten? Is there anything you wish you would have added?

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