June Writing Prompts for Kids

June Writing Prompts for Kids

Summer is just around the corner! Or if you’re in Nebraska like we are, it’s coming and going all year long.  Although, I’ll admit once it finally get’s it’s claws stuck in us we have to sweat it out until winter…literally!

With the summer weather moving in, it’s time for another month of writing prompts.  I can’t wait to hear what topics you’re writing on. As always, feel free to share in the comments. I’d love to hear some summer prompts of your own for the kids.

  1. It’s summer; you run outside to play and discover 6 foot drifts of snow in your yard. What do you do?
  2. What is the best summer pet and why?
  3. You’re writing a movie for the local drive in theater, what is it going to be about? Bonus points: Get your friends together and actually create a movie to share with friends and family.
  4. You just discovered the laws of gravity don’t always apply. What happened? Can you control it? Is it affecting everyone, or just you?
  5. Your camera does something special. What does it do?
  6. What colors do you think relate to summer and why?
  7. Invent the perfect summer drink. What’s in it?
  8. Make a list of all the summer activities you want to accomplish this year. Cross them off as you do them.
  9. Tell a story about a water slide roller coaster park.
  10. How many activities can you think of to do while hanging out on the side of a river?
  11. You’re a monkey swinging through the trees. Tell your story.
  12. Write down the names of your friends and family and write something nice about each one.
  13. Talk about something that made you smile today.
  14. Find a quote that you like. Write about what it makes you think of.
  15. Write a story using nothing but pictures.
  16. You get the chance to name a star. What would you name it and why?
  17. Do you have a collection? What would you tell someone about it if they wanted to know more?
  18. A box of puppies is left outside your front door. You need to name each one. How many puppies are there, what breed are they, what will you name each one and why?
  19. What career are you most interested in learning about right now and why?
  20. If you made the rules in your house for a day, what would they be?
  21. You suddenly discover all mythological creatures you’ve learned about are real. Why didn’t we know about it until now?
  22. Name one big thing you would love to be able to do to save the environment someday, then name one thing you can do right now to help.
  23. Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank decided to take you fishing. While out on the boat a giant, whale sized fish comes to the surface, what happens next?
  24. Who is your favorite poet and why? Write down your favorite poem by them.
  25. Dogs are now doing the same jobs people do. What breeds do you think would do different jobs?
  26. The town is putting up a statue in your honor. What did you do to deserve it?
  27. You just found the biggest diamond on record. Do you keep it or donate it to a museum?
  28. The circus is in town and they need another performer. You are the first person they find to ask. Do you participate? What act to you join in on?
  29. You’re starting a band. Who is in it with you? What is it’s name? Do you play an instrument?
  30. If you had the choice between always wearing shoes and never wearing them again, which would you choose and why?

Do you have any summer writing prompts to share? Tell me in the comments.

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