How to Make a Comic Book: Coursera Class

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Information about the How to Make a Comic Book class on Coursera. Perfect compliment to a Superhero unit study for teenagers, or any student who wants a hands on lesson in the art of comic books.

In line with the superhero theme for the month I found a fantastic complimentary online class for you. Coursera is offering a How to Make a Comic Book class. It started on January 2nd, but you should still be able to get in on it.

Through this project based course, your student will learn the process of creating a comic book by creating a comic book.

This is perfect for older kids, or younger kids who have a strong interest or already budding talent in drawing and story crafting. The recommended age from the creators of the course is teenage, 13 and older.

Audit or Full Class?

Coursera offers both audited (free) or graded (cost) versions of the class. The free class provides access to all of the materials, but lacks the extras such as interaction with the other students, grades, and provides no certificate.

Older students who may be building a transcript, resume, or accomplishments listing, might find paying for the class a benefit. An official certificate of completion through Coursera is provided with the paid course. It is important to also note that you will not earn official academic credit. This means students will not be able to claim credit hours for course completion, paid or not, but they will be able to attach the certificate of completion to their LinkedIn profile if they have one.

If you want to receive a certificate of completion but you can’t afford the class, Coursera has financial aid. I don’t know what the requirements are, but I’m sure you can easily find out.

How to Make a Comic Book Overview

Created by:   High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Taught by:    Patrick Yurick, Lead MOOC Instructor, and Christopher O’Keeffe, Writing Instructor

Project: “In this project-centered course, you will create an original four page minicomic designed around a short story of your choosing.”

Commitment: 6 hours of study, 15 hours of project work

Recommended Materials: At least one ream of 8.5×11 copy paper, #2 pencils and erasers, Sharpie-type fine point pens, ruler with inch measurements, and adjustable binding stapler. Access to a printer and scanner is also recommended if you’re taking the paid version of the course.

How to Make a Comic Book Syllabus

How to Make a Comic Book is broken down into six detailed parts spaced out to take about a week each. Within each section you’ll find a multitude of video lessons with transcripts, readings, and additional link resources.

The lessons included are:

  1. Course Overview & Finding Your Great Idea
  2. Writing Your Comic Strip
  3. Thumbnails
  4. Penciling & Lettering
  5. Inking
  6. Putting Your Comic Together and Course Wrap Up

If you have older students I hope you’ll give this class a try. It looks like a lot of fun, the videos have a nice pace and are easy to understand. There are some great art skills taught in this class making it a fantastic compliment to other art lessons you may be teaching.


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