Fourth of July with Betsy Ross and the Candy Canon!

Fourth of July titleFor the Fourth of July we usually stay home, grill out with friends (chicken, hot dogs, brats, s’mores, corn on the cob, roasted veggies, pasta salads, the whole she’bang. Yum!

This year for the Fourth of July we were asked to join in on my brother in laws float, Tom’s Auto Shop, for my hometown parade. My response.


The girls were dressed in Betsy Ross style costumes. This is Lena, my great-niece Megan, and Charlie dressed for the float.

Betsy RossWe sat in front of my nieces apartment where the parade began.  Our float was one of the last, so we decided to watch the majority of the parade from there, then hop on our float as it came around.

We hung out with family and friends, waved at people we knew and of course the kids got candy. I think every single float was throwing candy. Since we were at the start of the parade, no one had run out yet.  The only down fall of being at the start is we couldn’t hear the announcing going on several blocks further.

Here’s Lena showing off just one little bit of her candy. Too bad she probably can’t eat this one thanks to her red dye 40 allergy. Oh well, she’ll trade it out for some Tootsie Rolls I’m sure.

Lena Candy

Finally we saw the float come around the corner so we hurried over and piled on. We all got situated and read to cruise down main street on the back of the trailer going a whopping 5 miles an hour. Could have been 10, but I’m pretty sure it was 5 with frequent stops along the way. The announcer game our float a shout out as well as to Mary, the wonderful lady who made and donated the girls costumes.

Tom’s Auto Care deals with tires. A LOT of tires. Tires of every shape and size. Because of this we had to give a shout out to the tires. Ann, the parade organizer and one of Tom’s employees, decided to make tea cups out of old tires. They were super cute! She’s so crafty.

tea cups candy canon

In this picture here you also see the candy canon in the background. This fantastic bit of work uses air compression to shoot candy torpedos (a bunch of candy wrapped up just right in tissue paper) out at the crowd. The torpedos are rigged so the tissue paper will tear away and the candy will fall down on either side of the parade route for the kids to collect. You’ll notice the ambulance behind us (no emergency, just lights on for parade show) kept it’s distance. Wanted to make sure there was plenty of room between them and the canon, and to make sure the kids had plenty of time to get the candy cleared from the streets. I don’t think the missed one piece!

Here’s a video of the candy canon to give you and idea of how it works. You’ll notice Charlie excitedly wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July, and the kids on the street running for the candy after the canon shoots a couple torpedos.

We had a great time hanging out with family and friends. Can’t wait to see what we do for next years celebration. This candy canon float may become a tradition.

How did you celebrate the Fourth of July this year? If you’re not in the United States, tell me about your holidays that celebrate your country.

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