Forever Forest is a Hit!

I received a membership to the Omaha Children’s Museum (OCM) as part of a Blog Ambassador program with OCM. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

A couple weeks ago our family was invited to the Omaha Children’s Museum after hours for a preview of the newest exhibit, Forever Forest.

We loved the design of this exhibit. Forever Forest is all about teaching kids the important role trees play in our everyday lives. The exhibit motto is live, work, play. It includes everything from how lumber is cut and how it’s transported to how it’s used in building, in products, and even how we use it in it’s natural form.

Forever Forest is OCM’s first ever locally created national traveling exhibition. Not all children’s museums have the space we do for temporary exhibits, so only a portion of Forever Forest will be traveling, but here in Omaha you can see it in its entirety. The national tour is presented by the Union Pacific Foundation and will run for ten years.

Forever Forest Tour

The first stop at the Forever Forest for my girls was the climbing tree. A variety of levels, perfect for getting a good view of the rest of the exhibit.

Don’t worry, there are safety nets throughout the structure.

Next a trip to the fishing hole. She won’t need to exaggerate this catch!

A relaxing kayak ride is sure to calm even the most active child, at least for a minute or so.

Next up is some good times playing in an old fashioned playground. Trees and stumps, courtesy of Fontenelle Forest.

My favorite hangout in Forever Forest is observing the termites. It’s a live exhibit where kids can watch termites work up close and personal thanks to magnifying glasses and cameras.

There’s a lot more to see at Forever Forest and I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. We’ll be seeing you in the forest!

What’s your favorite part of the Forever Forest? 

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