Food Coloring Tic Tac Toe

Food Coloring Tic Tac ToeWe’ve been doing some work with eye droppers. It’s a great science skill and something we wanted to give them practice with at an early age. Food coloring and water just seemed like something fun the kids would like to help them master the skill. We started by just giving them the primary colors in a glass and letting them mix to their hearts desire.

To have a little fun with this concept and build on it even more we decided to play food coloring tic tac toe.

Tic tac toe is also a great way to help the kids learn their primary and secondary colors.  We started with all yellow colored water in all nine of the cups. The girls then had either blue water or red water to use to make their moves. As they played the game they got to choose which yellow cup they wanted to add their water too. So, instead of X’s and O’s, we had green and orange.

Food Coloring Tic Tac ToeOne thing we did learn is that it takes a lot of drops of colored water to change the color of another color of water. This was great practice for the eye droppers, but if you’re going to play just for fun, you may want to consider making the board a water and color, then use a drop or two of straight food coloring to change the color of the water to the kids relevant color.

We had a lot of fun with this project, it helped our girls learn how to use eye droppers, and it helped solidify their knowledge of primary and secondary colors. Overall it was a great learning experience for them, and they didn’t even know they were learning.

What fun games do you like to do with the kids to teach new skills? Tell me in the comments.


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    Draw a tic tac toe game board and place a clear cup in each box. Fill all the 9 cups with the same color water. We chose yellow.

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