F is for Fossils

Fossils to Study

Alright, I admit it.  I fudged the truth just a little.

ALL fossils are fantastic to study!  Each and every one of them has a story to tell, and the more we learn about them, the more of the story we learn.

When you pick up something and realize “this existed hundreds of thousands of years ago,” that’s pretty spectacular.

Take for example our recent trip to Schramm Park to see the geologic display.

Here are the girls posing for a quick picture in front of the display.

Schramm Park geologic display

And, here’s a quick close up of one of the formations.

Schramm Park geologic display

Isn’t it beautiful!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of our area: Nebraska was covered in water hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Because of that neat little fact we can find cool things in formations such as shark teeth…

shark teeth fossils
From our personal collection, not the geologic display.

or these cool little things called crinoids.

Crinoid fossil
Again, this one is from our personal collection.

So, what’s really exciting is when you look down and realize you just found a fossil; and, you know what it’s called.  Fossil identification for the win!

Here’s a picture of Charlie showing off our new find from Scrhamm Park to add to our current fossil collection.

Crinoid fossil

We’re excited to have a new addition to our fossil collection and we know this little crinoid will find a safe place nestled up next to some other crinoids in our collection.

Some of the other fossils we have in our collection are a bit of petrified wood.

petrified wood

An amber pendant with a small piece of plant matter in it.

Amber necklace

We also have some fossilized shells, however I didn’t snap any pictures of them. Sorry if you were on the edge of your seat hoping for them. I say that in all seriousness because I know how passionate rock hounds are for this kind of thing.

Charlie wants nothing more than to be a paleontologist when she grows up.  At least that’s her current dream job, as well as baker and ice skater (no reason she can’t do all three.)  She understands it will take a lot of work and she has to get really good at reading, writing, science and math to do it, and the thought of these subjects excites her!

One of her dreams is to uncover a dinosaur like they do on the documentaries we’ve watched.  I decided it was time to help her make her dream come true.  This was easy thanks to the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and their fossil dig site.  These are all replica fossils styled close to the dig site at Ash Falls State Historic Park here in Nebraska (which is another fossil destination we’re planning to visit soon).  Charlie refused to leave  her finding until she uncovered it entirely! Talk about dedication.

Henry Doorly Zoo fossil dig

In addition to this really cool fossil dig site, the zoo offers a ton of classes for kids to take part in through the year.  As part of their dinosaur education, they offer an excavation log book, which is a great idea to print out before you visit.  I think we’re going to keep track of this form for future use of our own excavations!

Have you ever found a fossil?  Tell me about your find in the comments.  If you’ve never found one, what fossil would you love to see up close?

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