A Day in Our Homeschool Life

Sharing “a day in the life” post sounds easy, but for me, it’s not so simple.

We have some routine, but it’s not a daily routine. We don’t do school at home. We’re not entirely unschoolers. We don’t follow a curriculum. We don’t have set times for daily activities, nor do we do our daily activities at the same time every day.

Sure I can share a day in our life, but that day might just be a whole lot of nothing while activity fills another day. Either one wouldn’t be an accurate portrayal of our homeschool life, and isn’t that what a day in the life post is supposed to do?

This is the part where I would check off “It’s complicated” if this post were a Facebook profile.

What might be easier than describing a day in the life is to talk about typical things we might do, even if they aren’t everyday.

Our Typical Homeschool Activities

I work from home, so this plays a big role in the dynamics of our homeschooling. Sometimes my blog topics are homeschool related and I can involve the kids in photography, crafts, or outings. Other times the kids have to practice their independence while I take some time out of the day to get some work done on my own.

When I’m not working on my blog, here’s a sample of things we might do on a typical day.

The kids are awake before me 99% of the time. I usually stay up late to work while they’re in bed around 8:30ish. This is their independent time. They get breakfast and independently play, draw or watch educational TV. We have a no non-educational screen time until 3pm and they do an excellent job sticking to this rule. They stick to it so much that if I give them permission to watch a movie during that time, they’ll argue that they can’t because of the rule.

Once I wake up, I usually sit in bed for a bit to fully wake up and let my allergy meds kick in a bit. Often during this time the kids will come in and give me morning updates, share new ideas, read to me, or request I read to them. We love our morning snuggle time!

I try to schedule outings and events for the afternoon because I’m fairly slow moving in the mornings. Things we participate in are Girl Scouts, 4H, homeschool co op activities, a PE/Defense class, play dates, and other educational outings. Every now and then a doctor’s appointment finds it’s way into our schedule too. If we don’t have any other educational activities going on, that’s usually when we run errands. Grocery store, post office, bank, library. The usual.

At home we like to do crafts, Kiwi/Tinker crates, build with Legos, play games on the Wii, do some gardening, cooking/baking, pet care, chores, and other fun activities. We do the occasional worksheet or workbook, but I’ve found it can be frustrating for everyone involved (to the point we’re taking on professional help to work through things) so we try to do as much as we can as hands on learning and problem solving.

Both of the girls love to write books. They are constantly finding inspiration in their everyday life. Trying new drawing techniques, finding their own writing voice, and learning how to spell. This is something they do daily, and often they bring along their work with a clipboard so they can work on it on the road.

Ever Changing Routine

We’re always changing things up or trying something new. But this gives you an idea of what we might try to fit in our day. Sometimes we’ll revisit attempted learning processes to see if the girls are ready for it yet. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t.

The girls are constantly requesting to learn something new. Currently they’ve asked to learn more about chemistry and the human body. Their interest in other cultures has sparked requests for foreign languages including Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Charlie wants to learn to write in cursive, only because it’s beautiful. I’m okay with that reason.

I love that the girls are curious about the world around them and have a love for learning. They take charge of their own education, which makes it easy for me to homeschool them.

What does a day in your homeschool life look like? Please share in the comments! We’d love to gain some new ideas and inspiration.



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