Creative Writing Prompts: Bird Theme

Spring is in the air and birds are chirping everywhere!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (shhhhh, I actually love them all for different reasons!). Birds have a special place in my heart and they are so much fun to watch.

In our area we have the annual sandhill crane migration; Canadian geese are constantly flying over our house. There are hawks year round and the backyard birds make sure to visit our birdfeeder frequently, much to the cat’s excitement.

Birds are the closest living relative to dinosaurs and they have played a role in symbolism for centuries.

There is a lot to explore in the world of birds, therefore it makes for a fantastic spring theme to explore.

Spread your wings and soar into the world of birds. Let’s get creative and test our imaginations as we write about our avian friends.

Bird Writing Prompts

  1. What would it feel like if your arms were wings and you could easily fly through the sky.
  2. Would you ever eat worms? What do you think they would taste like? Would you include them in your favorite dish?
  3. If you could put words to a bird’s song, what do you think they are singing about?
  4. A little bird visits you everyday at your bedroom window. What kind of bird is it? Do you talk to this bird? Why does the bird visit you?
  5. You’re visiting Antarctica to hang out with the Emperor Penguins when suddenly a winter storm hits! How do you stay warm and what happens on this adventure?
  6. During a nice picnic at the park a bird lands on your picnic table and starts talking to you asking for help. What does the bird need? How will you help?
  7. What kind of bird would you want as a pet? What kinds of things would you do together?
  8. A giant eagle lands next to you and tells you to climb on his back. What kind of adventure do you go on?
  9. Tell the story of two sandhill cranes and their life over a five year span.
  10. If birds ran a cafe, what kind of meals would they serve? Would you order from their menu?
  11. Describe a day in the life of a bird.
  12. In a bird school, what kind of classes would they teach?
  13. One morning you look up in the sky and see thousands of birds flying to the north. What’s happening? How do you find out?
  14. You’re a bird in a nest protecting eggs. What kind of dangers do you encounter? How do you protect the eggs?
  15. It’s a bird race! What birds will be in the race together? How far will they go? What kind of obstacles will they need to deal with?
  16. If you were a bird in a zoo, how would you feel? Would you love it? Would you rather be free?
  17. Some birds dance, some birds show off brightly colored feathers. If you were a bird what would your feathers look like? What would your song sound like? Would you have a special dance?
  18. Tell a story about a bird and a cat who live in the same house as pets.
  19. You notice a team of ducks swimming in a lake. They are doing synchronized swimming! Describe their water dance.
  20. Birds are the oldest living relative to dinosaurs. What do you think birds would have been like if they lived at the same time as dinosaurs?
  21. What would a bird’s thoughts be about humans? Do they think we have odd behavior? Do they study our voices?
  22. Go birdwatching and describe the different birds you see without using their names.
  23. What would you add to your backyard to improve a backyard bird habitat?
  24. Some birds collect shiny objects. Do you have a collection? Would a bird be interested in your collection?
  25. What kind of gift would a bird give another bird? Would it be something you would want?
  26. What do you think birds do to have fun?
  27. A baby bird falls out of the nest and can’t fly yet. Write about his adventure on the ground.
  28. On a nature hike you encounter a wise owl. The owl offers to give you advice. What advice does the owl give. Do you ask the owl any questions?
  29. A seagull falls asleep on a ship and wakes up in a new country. Write about the new animals he meets, and the sights, sounds, and culture he may not be accustomed to.
  30. What would a bird wedding look like?
  31. What is your favorite bird? Why?

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