C is for Cutting Practice Printables

Cutting practice printables

My kids need some practice using scissors.

I decided I’d try out my new Photoshop Elements and create some worksheets. These are the first worksheets I’ve made so don’t critique me too harshly!  I could use a little more practice, but the basic skills of cutting are addressed here, so for me it works.

The following worksheets are completely printable for your use free at home.  Just click on the image and print the pdf that pops up.  If you would rather print all five together rather than individually here’s the complete set in pdf.

If you would like to use these images for something other than personal home use, shoot me a message. Just grab my email from the sidebar, I’m easy to get a hold of.

Practice with scissors zig zag

Practice with scissors: straight line

Practice with scissors: cutting corners Practice cutting out shapes Practice cutting: spiral

Do you ever use worksheets to help kids with their scissor skills? What are your favorite styles?

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