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Hi, I’m Mary, the owner/author of Homeschool Antics, and the primary teacher of the girls in our homeschool. I’m currently a stay at home/work from home mom and I wouldn’t change a thing! Other than maybe getting a bit, just a wee bit, of me time every now and then.

I don’t take many pictures of myself, but this one here pretty much sums me up.


I wouldn’t have this homeschool blog if I didn’t have kids. They are an important part of this so here they are!

Charlie is my oldest, she’ll be going into first grade (based on our rough estimate) for the 2014/15 school year. She is a lover of princesses, pink, purple, chocolate and sparkles. When she grows up, her current goal is to be a dinosaur finder and a bug expert. Both things she loves to learn about. Hunting for fossils is one of her favorite pass times, as well as exploring our yard for bugs. It’s not uncommon to find her throwing ants in spider webs because she wants to give the spiders a snack. She’ll then turn around and break crumbs up for the ants to have a snack too. She’s very loving that way.



Lena is my youngest. She’s proud to be going into Kindergarten this year and does a great job keeping up with her sister in learning. She has an independent personality and won’t let her sister walk all over her, but she has one of the sweetest, most giving hearts at the same time. She loves to wear skirts and her oversized ABC shirt grandma made for her. She’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she’s thinking maybe she’ll be a grandma. She seems to think both of her grandma’s are pretty special and wants to be just like them.


Here we are being all cute Mother’s Day 2014

Me and the girls


It seems we can never get the whole family into a picture together, so here’s my husband, Nick with the girls on Father’s Day 2014.

Chilling out


We’re more a roll with the punches type of homeschooling family than a strict, organized routine based family. We’re not quite unschoolers, but we’re definitely not classical homeschoolers either. We like to march to the beat of our own drum and it works for us. Eclectic homeschooling style is definitely a good category for us.

We love to include a lot of field trips and outdoor activities in our learning. Some of these include visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo, Joslyn Art Museum, flying kites, going geocaching and of course taking our homeschooling with us on vacations!

That’s us in a nutshell. I hope you’ll stick around and get to know us better! We can’t wait to get to know you.

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