A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review

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I received a sample of the product for review purposes.A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad

I received A Very Squeaky Mystery from RainbowLeaf Books to review and I’m in love with this story! As with any book I read to my kids, I give it a read through first. After my initial read through I had to call the kids over to read it with me because I loved it so much!

A Very Squeaky Mystery is written by Laura Angelina and Randy Williamson. It is about two boys, twins, who are on vacation in the mountains. One afternoon they hear a squeaking sound and shortly after they start to notice some very important things missing. The pair work together to solve the mystery and take the reader on the trip with them to the surprise ending.

A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad I really enjoyed the full page illustration in this book, and as you can see there is great use of color. One of the perks I found to this book in addition to the playful artwork is the lack of rhyme. I know, so many children’s books have an added sense of whimsy with a sing songy rhyming flow. In this book, the lack of rhyme helped it because it added to the suspense of the plot.

As well as being a fun story, there is also a bit of a message to all kid of all ages reading this book. It’s summed up nicely on the back cover.

A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad My family enjoyed this book just as much as I did. Here’s a picture of them getting into the story.

A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad Of course, being a mystery there is a lot of suspense as well. This audience was captivated.

A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad Overall I highly recommend A Very Squeaky Mystery. I can’t wait to read more from RainbowLeaf Books, and I hope there will be more adventures with the twins, Kevin and Scott.

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What do you think is squeaking in A Very Squeaky Mystery? Tell me your ideas in the comments below. Get your kids involved in the guess, then pick up the book to find out who’s right!

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