5 Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Tablescapes Projects For Kids

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Thanksgiving is this week! Looking for some fun DIY activities for your kids to do? I’ve been browsing the KiwiCo website for some inspiration and found some fun projects. You don’t even have to be a member to access the instructions.

5 Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Tablescapes Projects For Kids

Raffia Pumpkins: Create these fun, rustic pumpkins, perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Perfect for kids 5 to 9, though older kids (and adults) might get in on the fun. Use raffia, jute, twine, or even string to get the style you’re going for. Mix things up by trying out different colors.

Glycerine Leaves: I’m in love with the natural look, and this fun project for kids 4 to 9 (or older) will make for a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving decor. The kids will have a lot of fun going out to collect the most colorful leaves they can find, and they’ll be excited to know they’ve helped with Thanksgiving set up.

Corn Husk Dolls: I remember making these when I was a kid, and my girls have had the joy of creating them as well. It’s fun to make your own toys out of nature. These dolls will make a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving table, and the kids can play with them after dinner!

Beaded Napkin Rings: Let the kids help with the Thanksgiving table setting by creating the napkin rings! (I don’t recommend this for children younger than 3 or children who put small items in their mouth). Pipe cleaners, wooden beads, and buttons can make a surprisingly beautiful detail to your table. Your guests will be impressed.

Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece: Get the kids back outside to search for some small sticks to decorate some small jars for the table or other Thanksgiving decor. The jars can be used as decoration, or they can be functional to hold different things, such as after dinner mints, condiments, or even messages of gratitude.

How do your kids contribute to the Thanksgiving celebration?

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